PEMF Therapy
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PEMF therapy is bursts of low-level electromagnetic energy that heals damaged tissues and bone to relieve injury-related pain, and even to stimulate organs.


Types of Conditions that PEMF Therapy Can Treat

In the United States, PEMF therapy is an FDA-approved treatment of nonunion fractures. There is considerable clinical evidence to support this therapy for nonunion fractures. With reported healing rates between 73% and 85%. The result of the therapy is to instruct cells to build more bone and enhance the ability of muscle tissues to facilitate healing. Improved fracture healing in PEMF-stimulated patients compared with controls was reported in fresh tibial fractures, and in femoral neck fractures. PEMF therapy can not only help bone fractures but has also been shown to help anxiety and depression. This therapy can also stimulate stem cell production.

The treatment reaches the cells that need it, and will not do harm for areas that don’t need the treatment. As the PEMF system works, you’ll feel the pulse especially in areas that you have pain or inflammation. You will see and feel that the areas that really need treatment will visibly move as the cells are engaged. This may seem to be an unusual sensation, but it doesn’t hurt.

Any Contraindications?

The therapy is not recommended for the following patients;

  • Pregnancy
  • Organ Transplant patients
  • Patients with Pacemakers
  • patients with Grave’s Disease and active bleeding cases should also use caution.
  • Extremely high intensity PEMFs should be used with caution.
  • Joint replacements (use with caution)
  • mechanical heart valves
  • metal stents
  • metal staples in blood vessels
  • PEMFs may stimulate the nerves in the area of the metal, causing sharp pain.
  • High intensity PEMFs may also add to the shear stress of metal clips placed in or near blood vessels.

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