Food Allergy Testing
Scottsdale, AZ

No testing is 100% reliable and Food Allergy testing is no different. Yes there are good tests (blood etc) that can be done but they are expensive and not always a complete picture of the allergy/sensitivities. In our practice we utilize muscle testing as a cost effective, non-invasive, quick and easy way to get an indication of foods which maybe a problem. We follow this up with an avoidance program which makes patients physically aware of what a particular food may be doing to them. There are different types allergies to foods, peanut allergies are typically an IGE response and can be quite severe needing immediate medial attention. Our focus in our practice is on Food Sensitivities or Food Toxins. We focus are testing on Gliadin (Gluten), Caesin, Lactose, Solanines (NIghtshades), Zein (Corn), Lectins, and Caffeine (Methylxanthines). Food allergies sensitives can affect you in many different ways from GI upset, pain in your joints, Brain fog, Headaches, or skin reactions. We have seen great improvements in our patients of all ages, particularlly children, when they avoid the foods that they are sensitive to. Not only does honing into your bodies needs help to elimate pain and discomfort it also bring greater energy and general wellbeing. We would love to talk to you about improving your diet and seeing what foods work best for you.

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