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Applied Kinesiology (Muscle Testing) can detect dysbiosis, food sensitivities, toxic metals, chemical and electromagnetic field sensitivity. All Muscles of the body can also be tested to determine the functionality and firing of that particular muscle. Muscle testing provides a window into the whole of the autonomic reflex system. For this reason it is sometimes called Autonomic Reflex Testing. The Applied Kinesiologist can activate various reflexes in the body and see what will “turn on” a weak muscle or “turn off” a strong muscle.

Applied Kinesiology has been compared to accessing a computer, the “human biocomputer.” In this way I “ask the body,” specific questions. Like using a computer, there is both a science and an art. The more I know about the human body, about nutrition and biochemistry and physiology, about acupuncture and body energy, about disease, toxins, allergies. The more specific the questions I ask, the more specific will be the answers.

Applied Kinesiology as a Diagnostic Technique

No other diagnostic technique like Applied Kinesiology can put the pieces together and follow the causal chains between different body systems. What I arrive at is a hypothesis which must be tested. The tests can include traditional lab tests and I always welcome this kind of independent confirmation. They certainly include correlation with the patent’s complaints and history. But in the end, the only result that counts is whether the patent’s health improves, whether the pain goes away or the body starts to function at a higher level.

Is Applied Kinesiology all subjective? I don’t think so. I can tell innumerable stories in which I have found problems which I could not have otherwise found and which were later verified by objective medical tests. On the other hand, I always maintain a certain amount of skepticism about muscle testing. I do not regard it is as 100% accurate and I always check my finding for plausibility. Good Applied Kinesiology requires a certain kind of skepticism. Call today!

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