Is Mercury Causing Health Problems or your Chronic Pain?

Mercury Causing Health Problems

Having practiced integrative holistic medicine for over ten years one of the most common root causes of health problems is mercury toxicity. Many of my patients are unaware of the dangers of mercury and its presence in seafood, the environment, dental amalgams and as well as other sources. Patients are even more unaware of the negative health impact even small amounts of mercury can have on the body.

Testing for mercury toxicity is poorly understood and not accurate no matter which form of testing you use. Blood testing is inaccurate unless exposure is recent or there is extreme exposure. Hair analysis only shows what the body is excreting, not what is stored. Urine testing with a DMSA (a medicine given to provoke the release of heavy metals from the body) challenge only gives a partial representation of mercury load based on one form of excretion.

In my practice I utilize applied kinesiology with good patient history to establish potential symptoms being related to mercury. This is a cost-effective way of identifying mercury toxicity as a potential cause. I have personally seen chronic unresponsive cases of sciatic pain, frozen shoulder, hip bursitis, plantar fasciitis, low back pain and neck pain completely resolve. Other conditions such as infertility and depression have also been helped. Auto-immune, digestive, and neurological conditions have been put into remission. Mercury inflames tissues in a particular area of the body making it unresponsive to healing. This making chiropractic, massage, physical therapy, exercise/detoxification and medications less effective in recovery.

Treatment for mercury toxicity involves “chelation”. This term is used to describe how toxic metals are mobilized and removed from the body. Substances like charcoal, bentonite clay, DMSA, DMPS, EDTA, chlorella, cilantro or alpha lipoic acid are all effective “chelators”. These products can be used by themselves or more preferably in combination to slowly remove mercury and toxic metals safely from the body without exacerbating other symptoms. Genetics, total toxicity, Infections/biofilms, age, activity level, medications and diet all determine the patient’s ability to detoxify mercury.

If you have been struggling with a health condition rule out mercury either with testing or treatment trial to see if your symptoms improve. For more information about mercury toxicity, testing, treatment etc, take a look at or call us at (480) 991-5555.

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