Dr. Robinson I would like to thank you for the care and treatment I received from you on February 4th.   Being 9 months pregnant, uncomfortable, and the baby not ready to come, I was getting worried.  During my previous two pregnancies I had received regular chiropractic adjustments and had very easy labor and deliveries.  Unfortunately, with the last pregnancy my schedule did not allow for regular visits and I could tell this labor and delivery would be longer and more difficult.  When my OB kept pushing back my date of when I was to be induced saying the baby wasn’t dropping and my body wasn’t ready, I read up on various techniques that could be used to induce labor naturally.  One technique was acupressure.  Since I am a firm believer in holistic and homeopathic remedies, I knew it would benefit me.  During my appointment with you, you manipulated my spine and also did acupressure.  As I was leaving you told me that I could go into labor as soon as one hour.  Two hours later I was having consistent contractions and soon after had a beautiful baby girl.  I know that without the spinal adjustment and acupressure it would have been days before I would have gone into labor naturally and most likely would have been induced.  So, I want to thank you for everything you did to speed things along for me.  I know this treatment could be helpful for many other pregnant women also.

Tanya A.

I just would like to say, Wow! I am so glad that I found Dr. Robinson! I had been having back pain and foot pain never really understood why or what I could do about it. I met with Dr. Robinson and was a little nervous as I’d never really seen a chiropractor. After talking with him I felt very at ease and comfortable. He explained that orthotics would be a great fit for me and he was right. I don’t really have too much back pain anymore and they are actually really comfortable! The adjustment he gave also gave me alot of relief. Thank-goodness, I needed it.

Mia J.

My name is Jim Sempek. While wintering in Cave Creek I had met Dr. Robinson. I was having back problems and was about to get an epidermal shot in my back. Dr. Robinson suggested spinal decompression. After that therapy along with some back manipulation I was free of the back pains I was experiencing prior to his proceedure. Dr. Robinson was very professional, very helpful, and a very well qualified physician. I would and have recomended him to many people.

Jim S.

Dr. Robinson uses a combination of new techniques and technology along with solid palpation and manipulation skills to help patients tap into their health and wellness. He believes that patients need to actively participate in their care for the best results, and never treats beyond what is therapeutic.


What a great experience. Not only was my back in a lot of pain and was feeling much better, the atmosphere is great. Dr. Robinson is so knowledgable and helped me lose weight as well.

Mike S.

Dr. Robinson has improved my way of life. What more could you ask from a doctor? Thank you for being so thorough and detailed each and every time I come to your office. I appreciate that Dr. Robinson takes a holistic approach to health, and is willing to explore any potential avenue that he thinks will help.

Luke B.

I started seeing Dr. Robinson because I have a bad case of scoliosis and ringing in my ear. He has helped to alleviate almost all of my pain due to my condition and he became a very important part of my health when I became pregnant. He helped me with all my supplements and kept my back in line, even with a huge belly! Thank you Dr. Robinson and your entire staff!

Rachael J.

I’ve been to more than a handful of Chiropractors in my life. Dr. Jeff is BY FAR the best, most caring, educated, and passionate doctor I have ever been to. I teach a high aerobics program 6x a week. When the pain in my neck and back was pretty severe, I went to Dr. Jeff to see what he could do. After working with him (on my schedule), I no longer have the pain and am continuing to teach 6x a week. I’m so glad I went to him as opposed to any other doctor. He’s brilliant!

Tammy P.

I am a BIG fan of Dr. Robinson. He takes a holistic approach to chiropractic care weaving in naturopathic and eastern medicine philosophies and strategies. I came in with low back pain and he used multiple modalities to diagnose my problem without using X-rays. He spent a lot of time with me to diagnose what was going on, he partners with a massage therapist who provides some massage during the visit and most of all, he truly partners with the patient to solve the physical issues. He doesn’t try to sell you on chiropractic care, he gives the appropriate amount of treatment to resolve the issue. I own a yoga studio and refer all my students to him and everyone has been pleased! Dr. Robinson and his staff are amazing. I definitely recommend them!

Ali K.

Over the years, I’ve been to about 20 different Chiropractors. Seven years ago I met Dr. Robinson and he was the first one able to give me relief from pain I had suffered with for years. Monthly visits to Dr. Robinson keep me pain free. Let me add that there are a couple dozen Chiropractors near where I live, but I gladly drive 30 miles to see Dr. Robinson because he is so effective. He’s the best!

Susan G.

I am writing this testimonial to inspire others to experience the skill and wisdom of Doctor Jeff Robinson.  I went to see Dr. Robinson to have an adjustment, as I was feeling low energy and achy.  I had seen several chiropractors in the past so I can speak from experience, Dr. Robinson has the touch.  He does the best adjustment I’ve ever had.  But, Dr. Robinson is so much more than a chiropractor. He is educated in many other areas of alternative healing… lucky for me.  As I was getting adjusted he asked me for some history.  From that history, he recommended that I take a blood test.  What he found has changed my life.  Two years previous I was diagnosed with lyme disease and was being treated by a traditional doctor for just that.  From the time of my diagnosis and for the next two years I was feeling very lethargic and foggy in my head, like when you have head cold.  Thank goodness for Dr. Robinson’s knowledge and intuition as he was able to find the true source of my problem.  It turns out that I had been misdiagnosed.  I never had lyme disease at all, but instead a disease that attacks the thyroid called Hashimoto’s.  For two years I was being treated for the wrong illness.  It’s no wonder I never felt any improvement.  Because of Dr. Robinson’s know-how and intuition I am now being treated properly.  Dr. Robinson goes that extra mile.  He spends time with all of his patients and actually listens and cares.   In addition, he uses the most up-to-date research from the top researchers.  He uses natural and alternative methods that are non-invasive and he doesn’t force his patients to go through a battery of expensive and unnecessary tests.  I am now feeling more energetic and like my old self once again.  I am very grateful to Dr. Robinson and have recommended him to all those I care about.  They are having the same experience with him that I did and are very happy to have found him.  Dr. Robinson is all about wellness.  Check him out.  He can help you too!

Bonnie M.