Auto Injury Chiropractor

Many individuals are injured in automobile accidents. People who have been involved in an auto injury may have lingering injuries, chronic pain, and other complications that leave them feeling weak and despairing of whether they will be able to lead a more normal and pain-free life at some point in the future.

Read on to learn how an experienced auto injury chiropractor may be able to help with natural-based therapies, chiropractic treatments, and other holistic and functional medicine care plans.

What People Should Expect from Chiropractic Treatments for Auto Injuries

Having to go through such an emotional time in the days following an automobile accident can be tough enough. Those individuals who have developed ongoing health issues from their accident injuries often face long months and perhaps years of follow-up treatments.

Many auto injury patients will also be put on strong and often addicting pain mediation and other drugs that can hinder the person from full healing. Many patients dislike the strong drugs that can leave them feeling sluggish and less than alert even throughout the daytime hours. Taking pain killers or muscle relaxers may be a part of your ultimate treatment plan, but it is important to treat the injuries with a combination of physical therapy, chiropractic treatments, and other types of alternative rehabilitation techniques. Chiropractic treatments offer a different approach by fixing the root of the injury. This is done with gentle, yet effective care tailored to each patients injuries. Automobile injuries are not one size fits all so using multiple techniques aid is faster recovery and less overall distress.

Types of Services Dr. Robinson of AZMulticare Provides for Auto Injuries

Dr. Robinson is a chiropractor in Scottsdale, AZ. He has treated patients of all ages for over 18 years and still going strong.

Not only does Dr. Robinson provide the expected chiropractic services like spinal decompressions to relieve back pain, but he is also trained to perform other alternative procedures like acupuncture, applied kinesiology, Gua Sha, PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field therapy), and flexion-distraction among other healing and natural therapies.

How This Chiropractic Practice Differs from the Rest

Many doctors and other healthcare providers only perform a few types of therapies and will often specialize in an area of healthcare.

Traditional chiropractic services have often been limited to some basic massage-type therapies and range-of-motion therapeutic procedures usually applied to the spine, neck, and lower back regions.

At AZMulticare, the skilled team has access to advanced diagnostic measures and equipment to pinpoint not just the pain or other more noticeable symptoms but will seek to determine the underlying root cause of the discomfort, in auto injuries or other types of pain.

Along with the beneficial chiropractic services and some specific exercise therapies, this chiropractic center offers in-depth nutrition counseling, healthy lifestyle education, and ongoing support to enhance traditional treatment measures and thereby improve overall continuity and quality of care.

Each client’s treatment plan will be personalized to target every area that needs to be addressed. This holistic care process treats the whole body and not just the initial presenting symptoms.

There are several types of injuries and common problems that chiropractic treatment may help. These include:

  • Auto Accident Injuries
  • Back, Neck & Spine Pain, Stiffness or Other Adverse Condition
  • Whiplash
  • Chronic and/or Serious Headaches like Migraines
  • Sports Injuries
  • Rotator Cuff Injuries
  • Knee Pain & Many Others

Automobile accidents can also result in other specific types of injuries such as facial cuts due to shattered windshield glass, airbag deployment injuries, and seatbelt pressure injuries.

Projectiles can cause serious wounds depending on where these objects land. Other problems may include trauma to the head, face, or neck along with back pain, stiffness, and other symptoms.

Get in touch with Dr. Jeffrey Robinson from AZMulticare for your auto injury chiropractic needs.