Fx Vital


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FX Vital


FX Vital

Fx Vital contains 6 herbs


Artemisia Annua

An herb used in the Chinese culture for various fevers including malaria, and contains the well-establishedantimalarial compound artemisinin. Also effective in treating other parasitic diseases, some viral infections and various neoplasms.*

Japanese Knotweed

An herb containing resveratrol, known for it’s anti-inflammatory relief, when used in therapeutic amounts. Knotweed is feared by many gardeners and home-owners because of it’s deep-rooted systems which can destroy an entire house from underneath. However, japanese knotweed only grows in very toxic environments. It’s considered the healer that the earth sends in to detoxify.*

Whole Leaf Stevia

A promising new preclinical study has revealed that whole stevia leaf extract possesses exceptional antibiotic activity against the exceedingly difficult to treat pathogen, borrelia burgdorferi, known to cause Lyme disease.Stevia was shown to be more effective than the latest, best antibiotics such as doxycycline, cefoperazone, intravenous daptomycin, and their combinations.*


A very rare, wonderful african herb, used for it’s anti-parasitic ability and a highly effective in the treatment of bacterial infections, including malaria.*


Detoxification, used by the nuclear industry in India to detox nuclear workers. Detoxes lead, mercury, and aluminum very effectively.*


This is mostly used as an anti-inflammatory, since almost every infected patient is chronically inflamed. The anti-inflammatory and detoxification power of curcumin, is greatly underrated and largely unknown in Western culture today.*