Did you know that you actually have over 7,000 nerve endings and over 2,000 sweat glands in your feet? That’s right; your feet are full of all kinds of holes and sensors. Because of these abilities, the feet are a naturally great place for bad chemicals to leave the body. The process of the “bad chemicals” leaving your body is called detoxification. Today, there is a procedure called a detox foot bath that allows you to relax while your body rids itself of harmful substances. Read on to learn more about the benefits of these baths and if it might be right for you to try.


What is a Detox Foot Bath?

Foot detox baths have been becoming more and more popular in the recent years. They are, as the name describes, baths for your feet to detox your body of harmful and unnecessary impurities. For the most part, these impurities are referred to as “toxins” and can be from cleaning chemicals or other substances your body has picked up. Typically, the foot bath is about 30 minutes long and is performed on a regular basis. More often than not, the water of the bath changes colors. This is widely believed to be an indicator of the toxins that the bath is pulling out.


Benefits of a Detox Foot Bath

Though research is lacking at the moment with regards to these treatments, it is widely believed that there are many benefits to one’s health. These are not medical devices, so if you have any medical questions, you should consult a doctor. Here are some benefits of a detox foot bath:

Increased Energy

This treatment helps to balance your body’s natural energy system. Many of the toxins being pulled out can limit energy levels, so by pulling them out, you can perhaps notice increased energy levels in yourself.

Clearer Thinking

Removing these toxins also contributes to better, more clear thinking.

Soothe Aches

If nothing else, a foot bath feels great on tired feet. Whether you stand all day for work or just have some aches and pains in your feet due to aging, the bath can help to soothe that pain.

Improve Skin Health

Did you know that your skin is one of your detoxifying organs? That’s right. By using a detox foot bath, you essentially boost your body’s natural organ detox abilities. As the skin will be enhanced as a detox organ, it will naturally look and feel healthier.

Relieve Stress

In addition to reducing pain and pulling toxins out, the baths can just feel great on your body and perhaps more importantly, on your mind. By staying in one place and allowing your body to be pampered, the process can help to alleviate stress.

Reduce Swelling

If you have swelling or pain in your feet, the temperature and bath contents can help your swelling go down or be gone completely.


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