We believe that proper digestion is vital to overall health, and it is our mission to aid our clients in healing and restoring optimal digestion through the cleansing and rejuvenating process of hydrotherapy. Colon hydrotherapy is a gentle and effective way to aid the body in detoxifying, enhance digestion, boost the immune system, and feel brighter inside and out. Our services are entirely natural and organic, as our I-ACT Certified Hydrotherapists use only pure UV filtered water while administering colonics. Scottsdale Hydrotherapy is committed to providing comfortable, discreet, and rejuvenating colonics for the most discerning and health conscious clientele. We strive to help patients alleviate digestive health issues and embrace a more holistic lifestyle.

Colon Hydrotherapy Is a safe an effective way of removing waste from the large Intestines by introducing warm purified water into the colon. This process which
is repeated several times during your 1 hour session, works with your colon to re-establish muscle tone and assist you in removing waste naturally.

The removal of waste encourages better colon function and elimination. The specialized equipment ensures you an easy, odorless, and safe way of eliminating. Colon hydrotherapy is one of the most effective ways of cleansing the lower intestinal tract (colon) and detoxifying the overall system. Used with dietary elimination and detoxifying herbs and nutrients can be an extremely effective way of properly detoxifying the body.


Marina Swedberg, I-ACT certified colon hydrotherapist and owner of Scottsdale Hydrotherapy, was introduced to colon cleansing at a time when my body was in desperate need of healing. Her experience with colonic hydrotherapy was life changing, and evoked a desire to help others heal and rejuvenate by discovering the restorative effects of detoxifying the body through juicing and colonic irrigation.


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